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Way Maker Ministries

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Our Mission Statement
We are committed to helping change the lives of those that society says: "there is no hope for". It is our endeavor to to feed, clothe, shelter, and disciple these people until hope is birthed in their hearts. Once hope is restored, these same people will be tomorrow's community leaders: business owners, church members and social reformers.

Indeed, what the devil has meant for bad, God is working it out for his GOOD.

Pastor Charles Johnson

Join WMM in reaching out to provide food during the COVID-19 Pandemic response! Volunteers Needed! Download Flyer

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You can help us as we provide food & shelter, life skills training and prayers for those who have had hard choices to make. We operate a homeless crisis shelter for women and their children. Your support can help us provide basic needs and a means to help the families in spiritual growth also. 

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Pastor Charles Johnson

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