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Housing News Today

  • September 13, 2016 3:57 PM | Susan Shaffette (Administrator)

    Just when I thought that God had given up on me, he came in and showed up and showed out.
    I made a terrible decision in June of 2016 that cause me and my child to lose everything. It was a hard lesson that I had to learn about making decisions and not thinking things through or consulting with God first. The hardest part of it all was that, I had my baby going through this perilous fight as well. I thought for sure that my life was a dead end until me and my four year old son went to Way Maker Ministries in July 2016. Pastor Charles took us in with open arms and did everything he could do within his power to make sure we got ahead. So, when I was contacted by Jefferson Parish Outreach (an organization that helps you regain housing and independence), I was stoked! It was not an easy fight, but the many Life Skill classes that were held three times a week kept me grounded. I continued to push on and let go and let God.
    On September 2, 2016, I was contacted by Jefferson Parish Outreach and they told me that not only would they be paying my deposit, but they would be paying my rent until December. Hallelujah! Nobody but God!!!!
    I say unto you, if you find your life going through a merry-go-round with an endless stop and you feel like your life is a dead end, I dare you to go to God!!! I dare you to humble your heart. Only then will you see the true meaning of life. May God bless you and keep you. Thank you Waymakers!!! A place to regain stability and forget about your problems. Amen!!!
    I Have A Testimony

    *Children need a safe place in spite of their family's economics.*

  • August 30, 2016 3:49 PM | Susan Shaffette (Administrator)

    Each One Help One Community Residential Center Program.

    I have successfully completed the Housing Program at the Way Maker Ministries for homeless women and children. I have moved on and received gainful employment. I do hope that the supporters continue supporting the Way Maker Ministries.

    Thank you,

    [removed for privacy]

  • December 14, 2015 12:44 PM | Susan Shaffette (Administrator)

    When a woman and her family members are in an Emergency Shelter, SHE IS:

    • Interviewed in a systematic manner at intake to identify her needs and possible directions for assistance
    • Provided a safe and secure environment away from any factors that might have contributed to her homelessness
    • Provided with meals and/or adequate resources to prepare nutritional meals
    • Assisted with children's enrollment and resources for proper educational pursuits
    • Provided transportation to such needs as shopping, medical services, and meetings with community resources to assist her in acquiring transitional housing, training, or employment
    • Provided with clothing for herself and family members (particularly infants) as needed
    • Provided counseling and training to assist her in overcoming prior personal matters and in pursuing a more productive life style
    • Provided an opportunity to interact with other shelter personnel and residents to share their experiences, gain a sense of being part of a caring community, and learn parenting and life skills knowledge that can reduce the stress of the present and provide hope for the future
    When a woman and her family members are in an Emergency Shelter, NEITHER SHE NOR HER FAMILY MEMBERS ARE:
    • Begging for donations or food on the streets or at local businesses
    • Participating in any unhealthy behaviors that may have contributed to their homelessness
    • Rushing to emergency rooms for medical treatments that can be served in less costly and more efficient manners
    • Committing crimes of shoplifting or a more serious nature to meet their minimal food and shelter needs
    • Interacting with those who may have caused or significantly contributed to their current homelessness status
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