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Way Maker Ministries in the Delta

The organizational mission of Way Maker Ministries (WMM) is to serve as a leader in the fight against hunger across Arkansas with a special emphasis on feeding senior citizens and food insecure persons throughout Dumas, Desha County, Pine Bluff, and Jefferson County. Our mission allows us to reduce food insecurity through specific advocacy, food distribution programming, empowerment activities, and capacity building efforts amongst 10 local nonprofits. We are able to achieve the program goals through our "Each One Help One" model which is designed to mobilize community networks to strengthen our levels of effective food delivery services. The vision statement of the WMM's "Each One Help One" model is that each person, regardless of race, creed, socioeconomic status, or educational background would involve themselves in one effort to assist someone else who is seeking help in overcoming food insecurity. The significance of this program is that it gives everyday people a major role in the battle of making a positive impact in reducing food insecurity throughout the state of Arkansas. The true aim of our Each One Help One model is to give a voice to the unmet needs of hungry seniors and food insecure persons while building the proper infrastructure to engage key stakeholders in meaningful efforts to combat statewide food insecurities that are not mired by challenging public policies. Our organization's mission format keeps philanthropist in a position to connect directly with smaller grassroots people and agencies while making a massive community impact. 

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